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City of Troup Debt Information

This is the Transparency page for City of Troup Debt Obligations

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City of Troup Tax Supported Debt Obligations
Certificates of Obligation Council Approved Approved Amount Funding Source Purpose
2013 Refunding Certificates of Obligation Yes $1,544,000 Ad Valorem Taxes Constuction of Elevated Water Storage Tank

Ciyt of Troup Lease Purchase or Lease Revenue Debt Obligations
Type Council Approved Approved Amount Purpose
Lease Purchase Yes     $17,500.00 Dump Truck
Lease Purchase Yes     $25,000.00 Mini Excavator
Lease Purchase Yes     $72,753.06 Backhoe

City of Troup Current Debt Obligations
    Per Capita
Total Outstanding Debt Obligations $1,190,012.90  
Tax Supported Debt Obligations $1,078,000.00 $576.77
Revenue Supported Debt Obligation -0-  
Lease Purchase or Lease Revenue Debt Obligations $99,320.58  

Per Capita is based on the 2010 Census

Download the spreadsheet with the total outstanding tax-supported and revenue supported debt for the past five years.

Download the spreadsheet with the complete information on the outstanding 2013 Refunding Bond debt obligation.

All City of Troup Advalorum Tax Obligations are Certificates of Obligation authorized by the Troup City Council. All Lease Purchase agreements are authorized by the Troup City Council.

Annually, the City of Troup files a Local Annual Debt Report or a document created in compliance with Local Government Code § 140.008.
The link to that report is here.


To view current City of Troup Tax Rates, click here.
To view the past years' budgets with accompanying debt service provisions, click here.
Bond Review Board local government debt date
Texas Comptroller Debt at a Glance Tool